G25 Iron


The G25s offer game-improvement technology — high trajectory, distance, and extreme forgiveness — in a sleeker head that inspires confidence. A custom-engineered face structure ensures a solid feel and distance with control. Progressive sole widths help optimize CG placement for accurate distance gapping. In appearance and performance, these 17-4 stainless steel designs will appeal to golfers of all abilities.

CTP Elevates MOI

The CTP is integrated into the bottom of the sole, which moves mass down and aligns the support of the CTP directly with the impact area. This relieves stress from the face, saving weight that is used to locate the CG lower and increase MOI for extreme forgiveness.

Progressive Soles

The ability to fine-tune trajectory makes it easy to optimize launch angle and spin rate for maximizing distance. Using a PING torque wrench, you can add or subtract 1/2 degree of loft to the 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° and 12° degree heads.

Support Bars

Heel and toe support bars, along with low-toe weighting, stabilize the face at impact to deliver optimal ball velocity and distance with control.

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G25 Specifications

Club Loft Length Offset Lie Bounce Swing Weight RH/LH STOCK ORDER
3 20.00° 38.75″ 0.31″ 59.25° 0.0° D0 RH/LH Limited Special Order
4 23.00° 38.25″ 0.29″ 60.00° 1.0° D0 RH/LH Limited Special Order
5 26.00° 7.75″ 0.26″ 60.75° 3.0° D0 RH/LH Limited Stock
6 29.00° 37.25″ 0.23″ 61.50° 5.0° D0 RH/LH Limited Stock
7 32.00° 36.75″ 0.21″ 62.25° 7.0° D0 RH/LH Limited Stock
8 36.00° 36.25″ 0.18″ 63.00° 9.0° D0 RH/LH Limited Stock
9 40.00° 35.75″ 0.16″ 63.75° 10.0° D0 RH/LH Limited Stock
PW 45.00° 35.50″ 0.14″ 64.00° 11.0° D2 RH/LH Limited Stock
UW 50.00° 35.50″ 0.13″ 64.00° 11.0° D2 RH/LH Limited Special Order
SW 54.00° 35.25″ 0.11″ 64.25° 12.0° D4 RH/LH Limited Special Order
LW 58.00° 35.00″ 0.09″ 64.50° 12.0° D6 RH/LH Limited Special Order

These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.
Lie angle based on Black Color Code at standard length
Standard swing weights for graphite-shafted clubs are 1 point lighter than shown


Regular 2.0° 95g Mid Limited Stock
Stiff 1.9° 98g Mid Limited Stock
TFC 360i
Regular 2.5° 56g High Limited Stock
Stiff 2.3° 68g Mid Limited Stock
Stiff Regular 2.4° 65g High Mid Limited Special Order
Regular 2.1° 74g Mid Limited Special Order
Stiff 1.9° 88g Mid Limited Special Order
Stiff Regular 2.2° 94g High Limited Special Order
Regular 2.1° 99g High Limited Special Order
Stiff 1.8° 109g Mid Limited Special Order
X-Stiff 1.6° 114g Mid Limited Special Order
Soft Regular 1.9° 105g Low Limited Special Order
Regular 1.7° 109g Mid Limited Special Order
PING offers a variety of shaft flexes in steel and graphite to meet every golfer’s needs and preferences. Selecting the proper shaft flex for your swing will help you get the most distance and accuracy from every shot. Generally, players with faster swing speeds require stiffer shafts to keep the ball trajectory lower, while players with slower swing speeds will require more flexible shafts to produce a higher ball trajectory.
The choice of steel or graphite shafts is usually based on preferences for weight and/or feel. Players seeking a lighter overall weight and/or a softer feel in their irons may prefer graphite shafts, while players who prefer a standard weight club with a firmer feel may prefer steel shafts.


360 ID8
colorcode The 360 ID8 grip utilizes all the same features as the ID8, but is a round grip to function with the adjustable technology of the Anser family.
360 ID8 Full Cord
 colorcode2 The 360 ID8 Full Cord is a round grip designed to function with drivers and fairway woods featuring PING’s adjustable loft technology. It features a firmer texture in the upper portion to help control direction, a softer texture in the lower portion for enhanced feel, and soft cord to enhance traction.
PING offers a variety of grip sizes and styles to fit different hand sizes and texture preferences. Since grip size influences your wrist action, and therefore the direction of your shots, it is commonly used by fitters to affect ball flight.
PING color-coded grips are available in six different diameters, and can be further customized with grip tape according to your needs. Once the neutral grip color code has been determined based on hand measurements, golfers may consider smaller diameter grips to help control fades and slices, or larger diameter grips to help control draws and hooks.

The custom tuning port (CTP) is integrated into the sole to lower the mass and position the CG for long, high-launching, forgiving results. The CTP aligns directly with the impact area, allowing for a lower CG and a high MOI. Face support bars and low-toe weighting stabilize the face to ensure a solid feel and exceptional distance control throughout the set.

A multi-material cavity badge made of aluminum and a soft elastomer ensures a solid sound and feel. The progressive sole widths provide higher-launching, more forgiving long irons, and short irons with added playability and control. Thinner top lines and moderate offset offer a look that will appeal to a wide variety of golfers looking for a high-launching, extremely forgiving game-improvement model. Available in 3-9, PW, UW, SW, LW.

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