G Le Fairway Wood


The G Le fairway woods have a lower lead edge, making it far easier to launch the ball cleanly from the turf, a common challenge with fairway woods. Accuracy was improved by thinning the crown and redistributing weight to maximize forgiveness. Distance is ramped up by a thinner, faster CarTech 455 face.

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G Le Specifications

Club Loft Length Lie Head Size Swing Weight RH/LH STOCK ORDER
#3 19.00° 42.25″ 56.00° 173cc C 0 RH/LH IN STOCK
#5 22.50° 41.75″ 56.50° 164cc C 0 RH/LH IN STOCK
#7 26.00° 41.25″ 57.00° 156cc C 0 RH/LH Special Order
#9 30.00° 40.75″ 57.50° 147cc C 0 RH/LH Special Order
  • These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.
  • G Le fairway woods are available in both RH and LH models.


Lite 7.5° 41g High Special Order
Ultra Lite 9.5° 35g High IN STOCK
Maximizing your distance and accuracy on long shots from the fairway is accomplished by matching the correct shaft flex for your swing. The goal is to achieve the correct trajectory shape with the fairway wood, which maximizes distance with the longer woods and minimizes roll with the shorter woods.
Generally, the same shaft type and flex as the player’s driver will produce the optimal trajectory in fairway woods, but it is not uncommon for players to have a different shaft brand, type and/or flex in their fairway woods since they are ground-impact clubs and may perform differently for some players.


J Navy 5L



 blueredgreen The Navy 5L grip fits comfortably in the palms and fingers and offers a lighter, softer compound to deliver an assured feel throughout the swing. The grip markings and end cap are mint-colored to coordinate with the G Le Series.
PING offers a variety of grip sizes and styles to fit different hand sizes and texture preferences. Since grip size influences your wrist action, and therefore the direction of your shots, it is commonly used by fitters to affect ball flight.
PING color-coded grips are available in six different diameters, and can be further customized with grip tape according to your needs. Once the neutral grip color code has been determined based on hand measurements, golfers may consider smaller diameter grips to help control fades and slices, or larger diameter grips to help control draws and hooks.

A key advancement in the G Le fairway wood was giving it a lower lead edge to help the face slide under the ball, making it far easier to contact the ball cleanly and launch it off the grass or a tee.

We made the heads highly forgiving by thinning the crown and redistributing weight to locate the center of gravity lower and deeper to increase the MOI. The strategic CG and a lighter swingweight will also help you square the face to deliver the ball on target. Crown turbulators can help frame the ball and assist with alignment.

The G Le fairway series comprises 3-, 5-, 7- and 9-woods to give you flexibility in your shot selection. A mint PING ladies logo and a navy-mint color scheme across the G Le family help give the products their own distinctive flair.

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