Luxury model with extruding the glossy texture and diamond-shaped mold on the whole surface15-Way Top

Give your PING clubs individual attention inside a high-impact polypropylene 15-way top, which features integrated soft-touch lift handles and a rubberized putter well to accommodate oversize grips.

Cart-Strap Channel

An innovative feature on the PING DLX bag is a cart-strap pass-thru channel that keeps the pockets accessible while the bag is secured to a cart.

Shoe Pouches

New to the PING DLX bag are two deployable shoe pouches on the back that make changing and stowing shoes a lot more convenient.

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– Dia mold panel, which is also the feature of the design – Production of luxury by the surface material shiny
– Firm handle – High cushioned 3 Tentome shoulder strap
– Adopted PING Blanc dead parts throughout zipper and rings, etc. – Conflicting lightweight feeling and Exterior
– 47 inches corresponding – Body Price: Open price
– Synthetic leather (PU) – Color: 3 type
– Weight about 4.3kg – Opening frame 9.5inch
– Made in Vietnam
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