Rhapsody Hybrid


This blended set combines easy-to-hit hybrids and high-launching, highly forgiving perimeter-weighted irons to optimize distance and gapping throughout the set. The irons and hybrids utilize lightweight components to lower the overall system mass, making it easier to generate clubhead speed, ball velocity and distance, especially from slower swing speeds.

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RHAPSODY Specifications

Club Loft Length Lie Swing Weight Offset RH/LH STOCK ORDER
4H 22.00° 38.00″ 59.00° B9 RH/LH Special order
5H 26.00° 37.50″ 59.50° B9 RH/LH IN STOCK
6H 30.00° 37.00″ 60.00° B9 RH/LH IN STOCK
7 30.50° 36.00″ 61.63° B9 0.20 “ RH/LH IN STOCK
8 35.00 ° 35.50″ 63.13° B9 0.18 “ RH/LH IN STOCK
9 40.00 ° 35.00″ 62.38° B9 0.16 “ RH/LH IN STOCK
PW 45.00 ° 34.50″ 63.75° C2 0.14 “ RH/LH IN STOCK
UW 52.00 ° 34.50″ 63.75° C5 0.11 “ RH/LH Special order
SW 58.00 ° 34.50″ 63.75° C8 0.80″ RH/LH IN STOCK

These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances
Lie angle based on Red Color Code at standard ladies length


Ultra Lite 4.3° 50g High IN Stock
Lite 4.1° 58g High Special order
To get the most distance from your driver, you must optimize the launch angle and spin rate of the ball by selecting the proper loft and the shaft flex for your swing speed. Generally, golfers with slower swing speeds require more lofted drivers and more flexible shafts to achieve the proper launch conditions. Conversely, golfers with faster swing speeds generally require lower lofted drivers and firmer shafts.
A trained fitter can help you get the most out of each drive by observing the ball flight of shots hit with different loft and shaft specifications, and recommending the combination that creates the best trajectory shape for maximum distance. To find out which driver lofts and shaft flexes might be suggested for your swing get Web-Fit.


Tropic 5L



 blueredgreen The Tropic 5L grip features a firmer texture in the upper portion to help control direction, and a softer texture in the lower portion for enhanced feel. The end cap is Tropic Teal to color-coordinate with the Rhapsody Series.
PING offers a variety of grip sizes and styles to fit different hand sizes and texture preferences. Since grip size influences your wrist action, and therefore the direction of your shots, it is commonly used by fitters to affect ball flight.
PING color-coded grips are available in six different diameters, and can be further customized with grip tape according to your needs. Once the neutral grip color code has been determined based on hand measurements, golfers may consider smaller diameter grips to help control fades and slices, or larger diameter grips to help control draws and hooks.

Women, especially players with slower swing speeds, will have an easier time generating clubhead speed and distance with this blended set. Easy-to-hit hybrids and high-launching, highly forgiving perimeter-weighted irons combine to optimize distance control and gapping.

The irons (5-SW) and hybrids (4H, 5H, 6H) feature lightweight grips and shafts at the same swingweight, producing a lower total system mass. This makes it easier to generate clubhead speed and ball velocity for added distance.

The high-MOI irons feature a large elastomer cavity badge that ensures an extremely soft feel, even on mis-hits, and progressive lengths and lofts to hit precise distances with optimal gapping between clubs

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